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Hotel Minder, specially designed by the software company Sunsoft, is an integrated management system for all categories of hotel units equipped with the necessary tools for the efficient operation of your business. Synchronize, track, improve the operations of any type of accommodation and elevate your guest experience easily and automatically. Experience the convenience of an all-in-one app and stay effortlessly connected to the biggest online booking channels on the web (like Booking, Expedia, Agoda and Hrs). Upgrade your management experience with Hotel Minder. How?

Hotel Minder is a testament to Greek ingenuity, offering hoteliers a user-friendly and highly flexible task management platform that provides real-time access to critical information, enhancing efficient property management from any location at any time. Designed with adaptability and flexibility in mind, our platform adapts to your hotel's unique requirements, ensuring enhanced functionality and guest interactions, powerful analytics, seamless channel management and a plethora of important management tools.


Hotel Minder, on a mission to make your life easier

Our goal
Our goal is to provide a flexible and intuitive platform that enables hotel owners and managers to take control of their operations with ease. With Hotel Minder, we aim to set a new standard for hotel management software, putting control back in the hands of those who know their business best.

Our vision
Through continuous research, contemporary solutions, and enhancing technologies, Hotel Minder elevates the potential of hospitality to new levels. Hotel Minder envisions enhancing results and better organizing hotel management. Entrepreneurs, are you ready to stay at the forefront of the hospitality industry?

We help property managers achieve their goals

and grow their business

with effective solutions


In a mission to modernize the hospitality industry, Hotel Minder commits to providing you with user-friendly, sustainable and flexible features. Our focus is to improve guest experiences. ╬čur platform is designed with ease of connectivity in mind, ensuring efficient management of hotel units.  As a cloud-based system, it provides easy access from any device, eliminating the need for servers. With powerful features such as full logging, secure servers and automatic synchronization, Hotel Minder enables you to make informed decisions while protecting your data and operations with absolute security and efficiency.

Meet our team

Mina Mimikou


Epaminondas Mimikos

Administrative Executive

Andreas Kostopoulos

Managing Director

Michalis Stratigos

Managing Director

Our commitments to you

We help you grow your business

By providing a comprehensive, flexible management platform, you are in control of your accommodation anywhere, anytime.

We help you simplify your business

Its user-friendly design simplifies even the most difficult management tasks for any type of hotel unit.

We help you find flexibility in your business

Hotel Minder adapts to the unique needs of your business, offering you management on your terms.

Why Hotel Minder?

Increased guest satisfaction

Hotel Minder provides optimized functions, real-time communication, and personalized experiences.

Flexibility & connectivity

An entirely cloud-based platform that provides access from any device (computer, tablet, mobile).


It simplifies operations with its user-friendly interface, easy-to-use features, and efficient management tools.


It offers strong data protection measures, secure payment processing and compliance with security protocols.


We provide immediate training and customer support to ensure the platform is running efficiently.


With dedicated and immediate customer support, we ensure users have access to quality help whenever they need it.

Hotel Minder

by Sunsoft

33 years of dynamic presence in the field of information systems.
Sunsoft was founded in 1990 and since its inception up until today it has been dealing only, based on always strict specifications, with the production and installation of Advanced and Integrated Information Systems in the areas of Hotel units and Catering.

Our vision is to design new innovative products - internationally oriented services that will respond to the constantly changing needs of businesses as well as providing high added value to all our employees, partners, and customers.

Let your business soar with Hotel Minder!

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