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This feature allows hoteliers to manage and monitor chains or multiple properties from a single  platform. Among its capabilities is centralized control of operations, reservations, inventory management, reporting, and guest profiles across all properties. An efficient process that optimizes overall performance. 

Multi-Property Login

Allows or prevents user access for specific chain hotels. 

Multi-Property Reservations

It allows the management of reservations in more than one hotel of the chain. 


A representation of room availability. Through an easy-to-use graph you keep track of dates and room types or numbers and the correlation between them, allowing hotel staff to stay informed and quickly manage reservations.

Main Courante

The Main Courante feature is a digital calendar that allows you to record and track important information and events in real time.

Booking Position

Always stay up to date on the status and location of a specific reservation within the system. Find real time information on the progress of your reservation, including whether it's confirmed, pending, canceled, or checked in. 


Through the Dashboard you have a comprehensive overview of the hotel's key functions and performance metrics. The Dashboard provides you with data such as occupancy rates, revenue, bookings, and guest information.

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